Let’s Rock It To Stop It! Concert


Gun Violence in America: Let’s Rock It To Stop It!
Sunday, September 25, Noon to 6 PM
Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW Sixth Avenue, Portland

Come on out for music, art and the spoken word. Learn about ways to stop gun violence and discover what you can do to make a difference. 

Line up for the concert includes:

  • Karaoke From Hell
  • Singer/Songwriter David Amir
  • Rapper and DJ Gil Gates
  • Soprano Jocelyn Claire Thomas
  • Sh-Boomers (doo wop)
  • Rev. Mark Knutson, Augustana Lutheran Church
  • Rev Chuck Currie
  • Rev. Matt Hennessee
  • Robert Yuille
  • Zicra Lukin

This event is just one of 350 nationwide–all to be held tomorrow.









Toxic Masculinity Leads to Killings from Guns

We could never get to the moon. We could not possibly do away with (fill in the name of a disease). We could never build highways across the United States. Planes will never fly. These are some of the statements proved false during the past century. Why, then, do we think that we can’t do away […]

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Stopping Gun Violence Stops the Letters

Written by Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Member and Central Coast Ceasefire Steering Committee Member Nel Ward in response to a Letter to the Editor published in the Newport News Times written by local resident Herb Goblirsch

Friday, January 1, 2016 Newport News Times

To the Editor:

Herb Goblirsch doesn’t like letters about gun violence. I don’t like a preventable public health crisis that kills 282 people every day.

Although it may appear that gun deaths are far lower than 40 years ago, the number of gun deaths has stayed steady during the past 15 years. It is possible that rate of death from guns is much higher because a conservative Congress banned any official research since 1996. Two-thirds of these 282 deaths may be from suicide, but the rate for just teenage suicide from firearms is 9.7 per 100,000—almost as high a rate as homicides in the country.

Gun violence is a more serious problem in rural areas than in cities. More gun deaths per capita occur in rural states than in the states with the largest cities, and the rate of gun deaths is higher in Oregon’s rural counties than in its cities.

When states enact sensible gun safety laws, the death rate from guns shrinks. Missouri, however, loosened its laws with its homicide rate increasing to 47 percent greater than the national rate, up from 13.8 percent before the lax laws. More guns equal more gun deaths.

Muslims kill 14 people, and anti-Islam people want to keep all Muslims out of the country. Yet gun deaths are 4,000 times more than deaths from terrorism in the United States since 9/11. A Christian kills three people at Planned Parenthood, and conservatives consider it business as usual—just like the other 279 people killed that day. Two people die of Ebola disease in the United States, and people call it a national epidemic. Yet 282 people dying every day of gun violence is routine.

More preschoolers die from gun violence than on-duty law enforcement officers, but the U.S. doesn’t act on this public health crisis. Other countries prove that this rate of gun violence deaths is preventable, but people in the United States have so terrified legislators that they don’t take action.

Don’t want letters about gun violence? Find a solution other than buying more guns.


Nel Ward

Newport, OR


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Newport News Times, November 13, 2015

We need reasonable solutions to reverse the number of gun deaths in this country. The National Organization for Women (NOW) is especially concerned about gun deaths and serious injuries to women living with domestic violence.  

Let’s look at the statistics:  

     1) Abused women are five times more likely to be killed by their abuser if the abuser owns a firearm.            [93 Am. J. Pub. Health 1089, 1082 (July 2003)]  

     2) Domestic violence assaults involving a firearm are 12 times more likely to result in death than those           involving other weapons or bodily force. [267 JAMA 3043-3047 (1992)]  

     3)  Although the United States represents only 32 percent of the female population among 25 high-               income countries, it accounts for 84 percent of all female firearm homicides. The study’s lead                   author concluded that “the difference in female homicide victimization rates between the U.S. and             these other industrialized nations is very large and is closely tied to levels of gun ownership. The               relationship cannot be explained by differences in urbanization or income inequality.” [Journal of               the American Medical Women’s Association (JAMWA) 57 (Spring 2002)]  

      4) Laws that prohibit the purchase of a firearm by a person subject to a domestic violence restraining           order are associated with a reduction in the number of intimate partner homicides. [30 Evaluation             Rev. 313, 332 (June 2006)]  

The 2015 Oregon legislature passed SB 525, which bars people from possessing firearms if they have been convicted of a domestic violence crime against a family member or are subject to a domestic abuse restraining order. In support of this bill, former Gresham Police Chief Carla Piluso testified, “If a weapon is within reach of an abuser, the risk of homicidal violence is extreme.” Representative David Gomberg was a sponsor of this bill, and NOW thanks him for his support.

Nancy Campbell Mead,

National Organization for Women (NOW) National Board Member

NOW – Oregon Board Member

Central Oregon Coast NOW


Nel Ward   Newport

     Another letter to the News-Times (“New gun laws won’t stop a killer,” Nov. 6 edition) perpetuates the myth that “armed students would have ended [the Roseburg killings] sooner.” In fact, people had brought guns onto the Umpqua Community College campus at the time of the massacre and chose not to use them. John Parker Jr., a veteran and UCC student carrying a concealed weapon during the tragedy, said he chose not to get involved because he might be mistaken for the shooter. During the 2013 killings at Clackamas Mall, a bystander with a gun also chose not to engage the killer for fear he would kill an innocent person.   In another fact, the UCC campus is not a “gun-free” zone because Oregon law allows concealed carry on all public college grounds. Even if it had been a gun-free zone, a study of 62 mass shootings over 30 years could not fi nd one case in which the killer targeted a place because it banned guns. In fact, many of the shootings occurred where guns were permitted, but the gun violence was not stopped by armed civilians.   The prevalence of carrying guns creates more problems than it solves. A recent example is the shooting rampage in Colorado Springs, in which a man killed three people before the police killed him. A woman called 9-1-1 to report the armed man who was acting suspiciously, and was told that it was legal to carry a gun in public. Not until she reported seeing someone dead in the street was her call classified as urgent.   As police ocials recognize , the lack of gun laws in the country have created an untenable situation for law enforcement and for anyone in proximity to would-be killers. Without gun safety laws, no action can be taken until people are wounded or dead.

November 11, 2015 Newport News Times


ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Senators and Representatives to Co-Sponsor and Pass a Law to Prevent Domestic Abusers from Having Firearms

NOTE:  Please contact your Congressional Representatives and Encourage them to 

Oct. 6, 2015

NOTE: Again, a crazed, lone gunman is responsible for a mass shooting. The tragedy occurred on Oct. 1 at Umpquah Community College in Roseburg, Ore. when a student, Chris Harper-Mercer, opened fire, shooting and killing nine people and injuring nine others. Harper-Mercer, who is reported to have suffered from mental health issues, owned 14 guns. This tragedy was the 294th mass shooting – where four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire – thus far in 2015. A significant proportion of those shot or injured in mass shootings are victims of a domestic violence/family violence incident. The toll for women murdered by men usually with a gun in 2013 was more than 1,600, according to new study by the Violence Policy Center. [i]

Dating Violence A Problem – Many would be concerned to learn that current law does not prohibit those convicted of domestic violence against a dating partner from purchasing and owning firearms. This gaping hole in federal legislation could be filled by passing the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act (H.R.3130), a domestic violence victim protection bill. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Debbie Dingle (D-Mich.) who disclosed at a Domestic Violence Month Awareness event last week that, as a child, she was a victim of family violence with a father who terrorized the family with violent threats and attacks.

Gaps in Legislation – Currently, only those who have been convicted of domestic violence against a current or former spouse, cohabitant, or person with whom the perpetrator shares a biological child are barred from owning firearms. Passed in 1996, the Lautenberg Amendment aimed to protect people at increased risk of gun violence by barring those convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. However, this law does not apply to offenders who are found to have punched, strangled, or beaten a dating partner.

Danger Offenders with Guns Pose to Women – With statistics showing that half of all women killed by intimate partners are killed by dating partners, it is clear that firearms should be kept out of the hands of all perpetrators of domestic violence, regardless of their marital status.[ii]  People facing dating violence are 500 percent more likely to be killed by their perpetrator if a firearm is present, demonstrating that keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers is key to saving lives.[iii] A study cited by Rep. Robert Dold (R-Ill.), a co-sponsor of H.R.3130, found that 76 percent of murdered women had been stalked in the year leading up to their death. Stalking and intimate partner violence are both indicators of lethality which means that the more quickly Congress acts on this legislation, the fewer people will die at the hands of abusers and stalkers who can now legally and easily obtain firearms.

A similar measure (S. 1520, the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act of 2015) has been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) with Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) as co-sponsor. Both bills have been referred to the respective judiciary committees. Pressure on members of Congress is needed – especially during October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month – to schedule hearings and move these important bills to a floor vote.

Call, e-mail, or schedule a meeting with your representative and senators and ask them to co-sponsor, support, and vote for these bills.  

The main number for Congress is (202) 225-3131 and a directory of House member’s office numbers is available at http://www.house.gov/representatives/

A directory of Senate member’s office numbers is available at http://www.senate.gov/senators/

You can send a formatted email message to Member of Congress by clicking on Take Action.

Take Action

[i] When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2013 Homicide Data, http://www.vpc.org/press/more-than-1600-women-murdered-by-men-in-one-year-new-study-finds/

[ii] Cooper, A. & Smith, E. L. (2011).  Homicide trends in the United States, 1980-2008.

[iii] John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research (2003).  Firearms and Intimate partner violence.

Colorado man goes on murderous rampage after 911 dispatcher lectures panicked caller on open carry law

03 NOV 2015 AT 11:39 ET

Naomi Bettis - ABC News

Naomi Bettis – ABC News

A neighbor might have helped stopped a Colorado man from killing three people as he roamed around with a military-style rifle, but the state’s open carry law apparently prevented police from following up on her concerned report.

Naomi Bettis called 911 Saturday after spotting her neighbor, who she recognized but did not know by name, walking outside his home with an AR-15 rifle, reported the Denver Post.

“He did have a distraught look on his face,” Bettis said. “It looked like he had a rough couple days or so.”

Related: Colorado gunman posted religious rant against government and ‘Satanic’ mind control two days before shooting

However, the 911 dispatcher declined to send police and reminded Bettis that Colorado allows gun owners to legally and publicly carry their firearms out in the open.

Police eventually did respond — but not until 33-year-old Noah Harpham had already shot two women and a man with the rifle that had concerned his neighbor at least several minutes earlier.

Authorities identified the victims Monday evening as 35-year-old Andrew Alan Myers, 42-year-old Jennifer Michelle Vasquez 34-year-old and Christina Rose Baccus-Gallela.

Police responded shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday to a report of a possible shooting, and they found Myers dead and a fire burning, according to dispatch logs.

Witnesses said Harpham shot his victims one by one as they begged for their lives.

“It looked totally random,” said neighbor Matthew Abshire, who followed the gunman and called the police. “He walked calmly and collectedly. His demeanor was like he was having a stroll in the park.”

Police fatally shot Harpham about seven minutes after they first arrived at the scene, but not before he killed his victims one by one — including a bicyclist who begged for his life.

It’s not clear at this point how much time passed between Bettis’ call and the first shooting — which prompted a flood of 911 calls.

But the case stands in contrast to at least three others in states that permit the open carry of firearms.

Dispatchers declined to respond to the report about Harpham, who was white, and reminded the caller, who is also white, that Colorado is an open carry state.

However, dispatchers in Ohio sent police to two calls last year involving John Crawford, a black man, and Tamir Rice, a black boy, who were each shot and killed on sight by law enforcement officers — although they were each carrying toy weapons in an open carry state.

Another black man, Darrien Hunt, was fatally shot by police who responded to a report of him carrying a sword — which turned out to be a replica — along a commercial boulevard.

Ohio allows the open carry of firearms, and Utah became the second state to pass a law prohibiting cities from banning the carry of knives — which swords are generally considered to be by weapons advocates.

None of the officers involved in those fatal shootings were charged.

Watch an interview with Bettis posted online:

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How many guns are in America? A web of state secrecy means no one knows

A majority of states actively restrict access to information on gun permits, the FBI must destroy background checks and Congress bans funding for research

 People look at handguns at a gun show in Chantilly, Virginia, earlier this month. Nationwide the number of guns is literally countless. Photograph: The Washington Post/Getty Images

People look at handguns at a gun show in Chantilly, Virginia, earlier this month. Nationwide the number of guns is literally countless. Photograph: The Washington Post/Getty Images

The American Public Health Association will join the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in a national summit in Washington DC to tackle gun violence. They describe the issue as “one of the biggest public health issues facing America”.

But you wouldn’t know it from looking at the state of gun research.

Ask one of the dozen or so active firearms researchers in the United States, and they won’t be able to answer the fundamental question: how many guns are in America?

In addition to a 1996 ban on federal funding for firearms research that is cited as one of the most onerous obstacles to treating gun violence as a public health issue, states have passed dozens of laws in just the past five years that make once-public data on gun ownership confidential.

The best available data comes from a private survey by the University of Chicago, not the federal government, and that is still an estimate, finding that 79 million US households have guns. Other surveys have estimated there are between 270 and 310m guns.

“There are lots of holes in actually having any data on the number of guns in our communities,” said Fred Rivara, head of pediatrics at the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital and a firearms researcher for almost three decades. “You look at, well, are people with mental health problems more likely to have guns, or are people with past problems more likely to have guns, we don’t know because we don’t have that data.”

States have not made the job easier.

From Florida to Maine to West Virginia to Wyoming, a variety of provisions have exempted concealed-carry permit data from public disclosure or stopped permitting altogether. For researchers, these provisions make it impossible to study guns within a given zip code or cohorts of owners who might have run-ins with the law.

“The fact of the matter is we know how many people own cars, we know the identity of every car in the United States … Yet we don’t know who owns guns, and we don’t know how many guns there are in the United States,” said Rivara.

“When I first started in gun research back in 1987, we could actually go down to the state capitol in Olympia [Washington] and identify through state records at that point who owns guns,” said Rivara. “That ability was subsequently removed.”

As of 2013, 28 states, including Washington, don’t allow access to gun permit records. Some states, such as Vermont, Wyoming and Kansas, removed permitting requirements.Iowa has worked for years to make gun permit data more secretive. Two counties in the state lent the legislature a hand by destroying all permit applications. New York tightened public access to gun permits after a newspaper north of New York City published a map of permit holders’ names and addresses. In the past five years dozens of laws have exempted concealed-carry permits and applications and gun licenses from public disclosure or made them confidential.

Take one state as an example: Louisiana.

Louisiana has the second-worst firearms death rate in the country, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, topped only by Alaska. In 2013, 19.3 people per 100,000 died because of a firearms-related injury for every 100,000 people in the state. That rate is equivalent to 14.7 people dying at a single New Orleans Saints football game (where the stadium seats roughly 76,000).

The same year, in addition to repealing state bans on machine guns, legislators made concealed-carry permit records confidential and allowed for issuance of lifetime concealed-carry permits. At its most basic level, that means researchers will never know how many concealed-carry permit holders, including those licensed for life, there are in the state.

But that wasn’t far enough for legislators in the state. Louisiana lawmakers also made it a misdemeanor criminal offense to release information about concealed-carry permit holders – levying a $500 fine and up to six months in jail for any department of public safety and corrections employee who releases such records, and a $10,000 fine and six months in jail for anyone else who releases that information.

Firearms dealers in Louisiana are alsonot required to retain background checks or sales records, meaning that if a dealer chooses not to record such transactions there is no way for researchers (or anyone else) to trace guns or oversee the efficacy of background checks.

Some federal data has also disappeared. A firearms trace databaseoperated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives once used to publicly shame gun retailers who sold to criminals was made confidential in the early 2000s. And the FBI is required to destroy all background checks.

These state and federal restrictions have compounded challenges for the already-barren field of gun research, which has been barred from federal funding.

In 2013, following the massacre of 20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, Barack Obama signed an executive order that was supposed to lift the ban on firearms research. Congress, however, turned down the president’s request to fund the research.

In firearms violence research, this has been the state of affairs since 1996. At a time when gun violence was among the highest in American history, Congress defunded firearms research and passed a provision many researchers believe had a deep, chilling effect on the pursuit of answers.

At the time, a series of papers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became a hot-button issue after scientists began to view gun violence as a public health issue.

One such paper was co-authored by Rivara in 1993. Gun Ownership as a Risk Factor for Homicide in the Home was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and found that gun owners were more likely to be the victims of homicide, than protected from it. This research drew particular ire in Congress.

“We have here an attempt by the CDC, through the [National Center for Injury Prevention and Control] a disease control agency of the federal government [trying] to bring about gun control advocacy all over the United States,” Arkansas Republican representative Jay Dickey told colleagues during a hearing on his namesake amendment.

The rider, stipulating that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the [CDC] may be used to advocate or promote gun control”, would stop research into gun violence for the next two decades.

The CDC, Dickey argued, was trying “to raise emotional sympathy for those people who are for gun control”. Congress also yanked $2.6m in funding from the CDC, even as 1.1 million Americans fell victim to gun crime that year alone (In 2011, 439,100 were victims).

Even Democrats acquiesced to Dickey’s amendment. Lobbying colleagues to restore funding, New York DemocratNita Lowey told House colleagues: “Our amendment preserves language in the bill which prohibits the CDC from advocating or promoting gun control.”

“The NRA opposes the CDC injury control research because it wants to suppress the awful truth about gun violence. The NRA simply does not want the facts getting out. It is no more than censorship. It must be stopped,” Lowey said.

Despite her efforts, Dickey’s amendment passed, and firearms research ground to a halt. Nineteen years later, in the wake of a mass shooting inside a church in Charleston, South Carolina, Lowey lobbied for the removal of the same rider she had once been willing to live with to restore funding.

“Preventing research because you worry about the outcome is cowardly,” she said at a hearing, before Congress re-upped (again) the requirement that the CDC not lobby for gun control.

Now, despite $130m in “violence research” grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health, no studies explicitly looked at firearms. Nor did any of the $59m in grants devoted to “youth violence” or the $16m that went to “youth violence prevention”.

“The lack of research has been so detrimental because not only do we not have the research funding, another thing I think that’s really important is that it’s been a huge blow to the trained workforce,” said Susan Sorenson, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who studies gun violence as a public health issue.

In the United States, researchers are required to generate their own grant funding for projects, including for lab time, salaries and equipment.

“If there’s no funding, that researcher simply is not going to have a job, so they go into fields that are more heavily funded – cancer, tobacco, HIV – simply because they too need to be able, like all humans, to eat, to have a place to live,” Sorenson said.

As scientists struggle to rebuild a field Sorenson called “nascent”, some surprising funding streams have stepped forward.

The Seattle city council funded research studying whether people who go to the hospital for gunshots were likely to later be the victims of violence (they are). The Chicago-based Joyce Foundation is cited by researchers as one of the only private foundations willing to provide money for research, and firearms researcher Dr Gary Wintemute donated about $1.1m of his own money to fund his research.

“Better data, and data systems, are needed. Interventions must be evaluated, and those evaluations must help guide further efforts,” wrote Wintemute in aneditorial for the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Until we revitalize firearm violence research, studies using available data will often be the best we have. They are not good enough.”

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I am pretty sure Republicans would be fine with abortion if a gun were involved

helen-mug1 HELEN:

Margaret, within minutes of the President saying that he would be accused of politicizing this latest shooting, right on schedule Fox News accused him of politicizing it.  I swear the yahoos over at that network could start an argument all alone in an empty room.


How many times does our a President have to go on television to ask for our prayers and our thoughts  before our elected officials decide to pass sensible gun laws? Why in the world do we think it should be easier and less expensive  to get guns than it is to get mental health treatment?

Crazy people fire guns at will these days and politicians have nothing to say except our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.  But a women makes the private decision to end an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy and those same politicians cry murder and pass laws faster than a hot knife through butter.

It occurs to me that if Planned Parenthood would just shoot the fetus with a gun maybe the Republicans would let women have control over their own bodies.   Now I know how awful that sounds, but it’s no crazier than all those NRA-card-carrying idiots who are now warning the government to keep their hands off our guns while just a few days ago they pulled Cecile  Richards into a hearing to talk about the government getting its hands on a women’s uterus.

The hypocrisy of their actions is as appalling as what I just wrote. Then again, I’m not an elected official.

If they cared so much about life, they’d work as hard to get rid of guns as they do to get rid of Planned Parenthood. But I fear the only life they care about is the one that will vote for them during the next election. Sadly, I mean that. Really.

margaret-mug1 MARGARET:

Helen, dear, either you have fallen and hit your head again or you’re just still upset by this season’s Dancing with the Stars cast. Either way, I can tell that you are all fired up once again. Heaven help those in your line of fire, dear


A uniquely American summer


“Between the start of Memorial Day weekend and Aug. 28, 2015, an estimated 3,702 people were killed by guns in America. Another 8,153 were wounded.” That’s according to preliminary data from the Gun Violence Archive, which tracks incidents of gun violence through media reports and police blotters.
There are other ways (besides blaming poorly regulated guns) to view the Summer 2015 shootings. For example, it could be 1) racism, or 2) “mental health problems,” or 3) poor enforcement of existing firearm regulations, such as gun-free zones and background checks. Will Oregon’s rural sheriffs make good on their threat to ignore the Oregon Firearms Safety Act because it is an unfunded mandate? Only time will tell. Dylann Roof, John Houser , Mohammad Abdulazeez and Vester Flanagan were all able to buy guns through licensed dealers. Each exhibited warning signs that might have disqualified them from gun possession under a background check system designed to account for the role of substance abuse and anger management . However, if you believe America already has all the gun regulation it needs, then those four shootings fit neatly into a standing argument against reasonable, nonpartisan reform .
Elizabeth Green’s 3-yearold son, Marques Green, killed himself in June while playing with his mother’s handgun after finding the gun in her purse. If you believe that a gun kept for self-defense must be kept at the ready, loaded and unobstructed by locks or passcodes, then it is reasonable to expect the continued shooting of children by children, unintentionally, while at play.
A study in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery found that the gun murder rate in the U.S. is almost 20 times higher than the next 22 richest and most populous nations combined. Among the world’s 23 wealthiest countries, 80 percent of all gun deaths are American deaths, and 87 percent of all kids killed by guns are American kids.
Why do Americans kill each other with guns at a level that is staggering compared to the rest of the world?
Why do Americans own a gun? According to a Pew Research Center 2013 poll, the number one reason is protection (fear), up from 26 percent in 1999 to 48 percent in 2014. Although hunting is the second reason , it declined sharply from 49 percent in 1999 to 32 percent in 2014. The four other reasons (target/ sport shooting, constitutional right, collect guns/ hobby, other) have decreased as well.
I agree with Steve Card’s editorial that it is important to “make a distinction between people who choose to break the law and the method they use to do it.” (” Put the blame where it belongs,” Sept 4 edition). Whether resolution of the “real heart of the issue” is reform of the mental health system, as Mr. Card, suggests , or the examination of “why I own a gun” and a recognition that the adoption of reasonable gun regulations (and insistence on enforcement), as I believe, will continue to be debated. (Although it seems unlikely to me that today’s gun owners are more prone to mental illness than in 1973.)
If only 34 percent of Americans are gun owners , it should be possible to adopt a bipartisan, reasonable approach to firearm regulation and enforcement in America. This will happen only when elected officials become more fearful of losing the votes of educated constituents than of loosing the gun industry’s campaign contributions.
As Tina Fey famously quipped, “Call me crazy” but I hope someday women (and children) will have more rights than guns.”

Monica Kirk is a member of the steering committee for Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon.  She is also a member of Central Oregon Coast NOW.

Reprinted from the Newport News-Times, Friday, September 11, 2015